getting into this technique where i record a vocal take on my super crappy old 80 $ live mic from like 2 years ago and then do a take on my nice mic and blend them together - it creates a really cool sound where u get the distortion and richness of the old mic but the clarity and precision of the new one.  ive found that doin vocals this way also allows them 2 sit in like any mix rly nicely, especially a super busy mix and if u want a nice chorus doing like 2 other vocal takes on a good mic and mixing them super low and panned L, R 50% both ways creates a kool effect, like dolly parton  meets bikini kill - especialy if u leave a lot of low end in the crappy recording and cut most of the low end out of the clean one

i dunno if any1 cares about this knida shit but i find there is very little helpful information online with regards to vocal production and it sucks spending ages doing trial and error to find non-boring effects chains and such that still sound ok


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Yeah, these two feelings.