In Any Elevator

New York, NY 10001

No no no no no!!! This cry is just plain DECEIVING and is very much NOT recommended!!   I cannot even begin to tell you about the millions of times I’ve entered an empty elevator and thought “WOOHOOO!! I’m alone!!!!! It’s crying time!!!!!!!!!!” - only to be joined by dozens of people 15 seconds later with my face looking like a very active tributary.  Maybe in Kansas this would be a good cry, but not - I repeat NOT - in NYC!! The elevator is absolutely going to stop at least 5 times if you’re in a 6+ story building so please don’t let the temporary privacy fool you!!!! I know, I know, it’s way way way way easier said than done, but you must trust me on this.  Keep on crying the good cries…just keep ‘em out of every and all elevators!!!!!!!!